Beautiful soul from this universe, we are excited to announce our New Moon retreat in the special, beautiful nature of the Algarve, near Aljezur, Portugal.


This New Moon retreat gives you the opportunity to get in contact with your true self. Connecting with what you seek and what you want to create in your own life. In the true Yin, the darkness, you are lightning your soul from within. All new possibilities lay ahead of us, and we: Charlotte and Annemieke are here to guide you in this wonderful journey that you will tap into. As a group we are growing together, being each other’s mirror, brother, sister, darkness and light. Therefore, we chose a nice community-based accommodation to celebrate this togetherness.


The retreat will take place at Ritmo da Terra – a small community and retreat center that is nestled in a beautiful valley just outside Aljezur. The waves are amazing in this area. The space is situated in between the beautiful mountains, forest and seaside of Aljezur, Portugal. Therefore, the place already has a magical feel and healing purposes from its own. We are very lucky to have the possibility to give our healing sessions on this ground and be connected to this community.


The elements from the T.C.M. will be our ingredients during this 5-day retreat. Each day is based on a different elemental-spirit. We will spoil you each day with some early bodily and spiritual movement in meditation and yoga. And serve local, vegetarian and organic food 3 times a day. The shared Yurts will be available for our night time rest. These are shared spaces. If you wish to lay private, we advise you to bring your tent or caravan to do so.


An insight to our program:
*Elemental Spirit – Wood – New Moon Opening Ceremony with Magical Micro dosing, yinyoga, shiatsumassage and sharing circle
*Elemental Spirit – Fire – Shiatsu Workshop & Tantric Dance by a local facilitator
*Elemental Spirit – Earth – Family Constellations workshop
*Elemental Spirit – Metal – Inner Child workshop
*Elemental Spirit – Water – Self massage workshop


Besides our program there will be space to enjoy the wonderful surroundings, have some well-deserved rest and ask some extra guidance where needed in your soul searching.
This New Moon retreat can definitely help you get to know yourself (better).

Charlotte and Annemieke will guide you on this beautifull journey. Both are Shiatsu therapists and guided a moon ceremonies together from 2020 on, in the Netherlands.
Both have over 10 years of yoga teaching experience. We combine elementals, meridians and the knowlogde about the Tradional Chinese Medicine approach to yoga, where we aim to teach our classes with humor and an open mind. Due to our enthusiasm, we enjoy organizing various activities alongside yoga classes, such as ceremonies with cacao and magical microdose.


Charlotte and Annemieke offer this 5-day retreat in which you will be guided through this beautiful and unique inner journey, on this magical land in Portugal.
We help you in finding your way to come to Portugal and pick you up from the Airport in Faro if needed. After this retreat it will probebly take some time to integrate what you have learned, feld and explored. We are there in contact to assist you during the integration process...


We hope to see you on this magical New Moon Retreat.

Warmly, love and light....

Charlotte & Annemieke